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We provide world class scenic automation gear for markets across the spectrum from theater to product unveils to Nasa.

Whether you are looking for a turntable to rotate the brand new car you are unveiling or looking to move some LED or projection surfaces we have you covered. We can provide everything to make your next business meeting or product unveil go off without a hitch.


  • Expansive rental inventory including¬†turntable machines, hoists, deck winches, and motor controllers.
  • Over 30 technicians on staff to help out on show site.
  • ETCP certified riggers.
  • Ability to provide the solution, you don’t need to worry about the nitty gritty details.

We feel that no theater is too large or small for automation. You can use our equipment to get your turntable spinning, deck tracks moving, or chandeliers moving. Our equipment is truly expandable so you can have just one axis of automation or one-hundred, it is just up to your imagination.


  • Best turntable machines, deck winches, and hoists in the industry. It doesn’t matter if you have another control system, you can use our world-class machines.
  • Our Raynok control system is safe and intuitive with the ability to integrate projection and automation.
  • The best technical support in the industry.

There isn’t an automation job that we cant do. In fact, we have done jobs for NASA and permanent storefront displays.

  • We can quickly design and manufacture custom machines and motion control components.