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eZ-Hoist Products

eZ-Hoist provides world class machines, such as a deck winch, hoist, and turntable drive to do the heavy lifting throughout your production. Our drivebox and automation software will control your powerful machines with ease.

Whether you need a hoist, deck winch, turntable machine, or trolley you have come to the right place because we have the best machines in the biz.  Don’t fret just because you have someone else’s control system.  It doesn’t mean you can’t use our machines.  We can wire any machine to be compatible with any control system.

We are a one stop shop on the controls front.  Our eZ-Axis Drivebox is capable to control any size motor, consoles designed for automation and the cables needed for setting up the gear.

Our packages come with everything you need to get your effect up and running.  Our packages feature machines such as a deck winch, hoist, trolley, turntable machine and are packaged with our drivebox.  Each package will come with our Raynok automation software for powerful control of the machine.

Our Raynok automation software is superior to others when it comes to features and capabilities.  Don’t let its feature rich nature intimidate you, it’s as easy to use as a Slurpee machine.

We have a lot of experience in the industry and have perfected our accessories.  Give them a look for your day to day needs, including everything from pulleys to wire rope.