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With our control system you will be up and running in a jiffy with all of the features you could dream of. With products such as our eZ-Axis Drive Box and eZ-Go Automation Console your production will be ready for whatever your imagination can dream of.
eZ-Axis Drive Box

eZ-Axis Drive Box

Price: $8,250

The eZ-Axis Drive Box is a feature rich yet versatile motor controller. Combine this motor controller with our Raynok software and your socks will be knocked off. 

eZ-Go Automation Console

The eZ-Go automation console is the wingman every scenic automation technician has dreamed of. The eZ-Go stage automation console teams up perfectly with our stage automation software and emergency stop system, all while making cueing your next event a dream. 

Stage Automation Emergency Stop

eZ-E Stop

Call for pricing.

Our eZ-E-Stop is one of the safest emergency stop systems in the industry. The emergency stop system has redundancies built in and is SIL3 compliant.

Stage Automation Power Distro

eZ-PD  (Power Distro)

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Our eZ-PD is a power distro that has been designed for our control system. With the eZ-PD (Power Distro) your machines will be powered up in a jiffy.