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Emergency Stop System



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You can rest easy that the eZ- E-Stop will stop all your automated scenery reliably and quickly. The eZ-E-Stop emergency stop station contains a dual channel safety circuit which offers a true redundancy while monitoring the emergency stop system for any cross faults. Our Hold-To-Run circuit is wired into the eZ-E-Stop which offers a true redundancy while working in parallel with our Raynok Motion Control System. If the motion does not come to a stop before the program

One of the greatest features of eZ-E-Stop is in your Link In / Link Out feature. You do not need to have an inventory of an emergency stop base station with expansion units.

  • SIL3 Style Dual Channel emergency stop circuit
  • Robust reset circuit checks every drive in every drive box
  • Ability to control up to 8 axis from one eZ-E-Stop
  • 4 remote outputs for adding an eZ-Go, E-Stop remote, another eZ-E-Stop, auxiliary Hold-To-Run, or any other remote you can dream of.


Emergency Stop Base Station