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eZ-PD: Scenic Automation Power Distro


Price: $2,500.00

Rental: Click Here


Power hungry? Sink your teeth into a rack mount Power Distro as a side item to your eZ-Hoist (or any other) system. The eZ-PD is a power distro designed for your scenic automation needs. You no longer have to worry about having adapters for you portable power distro, our eZ-PD comes with the exact connectors you need. The eZ-PD comes with camlocks in, four 30 amp L15-30 out. The eZ-PD comes with convenience outlets for your 110V needs as well as a 24VDC outlet perfect for goose-neck lights or anything else you might need.

Note: Although it is proven that the eZ-PD will add sparkle to your automation, it can be used to power anything (even those pesky automated lights).

Power Distro