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eZ-Hoist provides world class stage automation machines for every market. We offer machines for deck tracks, turntable drives, hoists, trolleys, and many more. Our machinery will bring your scenic automation game up to your imagination.


Price: Please call for information.

The eZ-Trolley is a perfect match for moving LED panels or other large scenery.  The eZ-Trolley is expandable and can go around  curves or up hill.  The eZ-Trolley will be an asset to your stage machine inventory. 

eZ-Rider Deck Winch

Price: $22,500

A deck winch is a staple in any scenic automation inventory and our eZ-Rider is the best in the biz. The eZ-Rider zero-fleet deck winch will have your tracking scenery will move across the stage quickly and effortlessly. 

zSpot Hoist

Price: $22,000

The zSpot is a spot hoist that will fit into any production. The zSpot has the perfect combination of lifting capacity and speed all while being compact and easy to set up. 

eZ-FN Hoist

Price: $25,000

The eZ-FN is the comparable to  the sports car every man dreams of, lightweight and fast.  The eZ-FN spot hoist will fulfill all of your high speed stage automation machinery needs. 

Z-Ro Turntable Machine

Price: $20,900

With the Z-Ro friction drive turntable machine, you can get your turntable spinning in no time. The Z-Ro turntable drive is a perfect match for turntables of all sizes, just as long as they are semi-round. 



Price: $32,000 – $36,000

The eZ-AF and eZ-AFXL are complete single-axis run-to-limit joystick hoist kits. They do not require, nor work with, the Raynok automation, drives or other products listed on the eZ-Hoist website.