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eZ-AF & eZ-AFXL: Built for Aerialist Flight

eZ-AF Price:
eZ-AFXL Price: $32,900

The eZ-AF and eZ-AFXL are complete single-axis run-to-limit joystick hoist kits. They do not require, nor work with, the Raynok automation, drives or other products listed on the eZ-Hoist website.

  • Designed for aerialists
  • 5HP variable frequency drive (3,7kW for metric speakers)
  • Optional shipping pallet and frame to ship hoist and store ballast
  • Simple joystick operation with minimal training required
  • Comes with joystick pendant and 100’ of pendant cable
  • Complies with ANSI E1.43 – 2016
  • True plug and play self-contained hoist
  • Drum holds 100’ (30,5m) of wire rope or 2 lines at 45’ (15,2m)
  • Built-in local control with key bypassable limits

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Photo of eZ-AF Hoist
eZ-AF Hoist
ez-AF technical drawing
Voltage 200-240vac 3 Phase 200-240vac 3 Phase
HP Rating 5HP (3,7kW) 7.5HP (5,5kW)
Load Capacity 350 lbs (159 kg) 700 lbs (317 kg)
Speed 6 ft/s (1,83m/s) 4 ft/s (1,2m/s)
Brake Resistor 240w 30Ω 310w 20Ω
Power Input Plug L15-30 CS8365 (50A, 250V)
Cooling Fans ----- One Thermostat Controlled 120mm
Shipping and Ballast Frame 36” x 35” x 13” tall (91,4 x 88,9 x 33,0cm) 36” x 36” x 13” (91,4 x 91,4 x 33,0cm)
Weight 419 lbs (190 kg) 545 lbs (248 kg)