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eZ-FN: High Speed Hoist


Price: $25,000.00

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The name says it all: eZ to reconfigure, and designed with your Future Needs in mind. We think it’s the best FN hoist around!

The eZ-FN hoist is a high speed hoist that has the perfect balance of speed and power. Because the eZ-FN hoist has a line speed of 8 feet per second it is perfect for moving chandeliers or props. The eZ-FN is a high speed hoist that is safe and robust.

  • Designed to be practical, durable, reliable, modular, easy to install and service
  • Ready to use for single line, dual line lift, or roll-on/roll-off configuration
  • Fastest lead time in the industry – from raw materials to test bed in 10 hours
  • It’s in the name: EZ to reconfigure & designed with your Future Needs in mind.
  • Redundant, manually releasable brakes featuring quiet operation.
  • Comes standard with battery powered brake release.
  • Top-of-the-line parts – SEW, Mayr, Igus, TER, Dodge, Martin, Harting & ZFX.
  • Ergonomically placed limit switches.

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eZ-FN High Speed Hoist
Wire Rope Hoist
Stage Automation Hoist
Voltage200-230VAC, 60Hz380-420, 480VAC 50/60Hz
Load Capacity250 lbs/ 114 kgNearly infinite options
Speed8 ft/sec (2,4 m/s)Nearly infinite options
Lift with Single Lines156 ft (47 m)Nearly infinite options
Lift with Dual Lines2 x 75 ft (2 x 23 m)Lift with Single Lines
Rope Diameter5/32" (4mm)3/16" (5mm), 1/4" (6mm)
EncoderHiperfaceSSI, EnDat
Weight300 lbs/ 136 kg----