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Raynok Motion Control Software


2D Price: $4,500.00

3D Price: $8,150.00

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The Raynok Motion Control Software is the real deal. It is powerful and feature rich yet easy to use and intuitive. After your first programming session with the Raynok Motion Control Software you will find yourself wondering why you haven’t been using it forever. Some of the features include:


  • Split acceleration and deceleration values
  • Integration with projection software
  • Cross drive fault detection (you can lift a unit with multiple machines safely)
  • YoYo drum calculations
  • Optional 3D feature

Somemore Information about Raynok…

Raynok Software
Scalable, Expandable and Fully Customizable

From the simplest of Chain Hoist systems to the most complex hoisting, turning, pushing or pulling application Raynok Software puts you in complete control of all your stage movements.

Raynok Software has been strategically designed to meet the ever-changing demands of live performance and the Entertainment Industry. Raynok is easy to cue, easy to organize and easy to execute.

Raynok Software is scalable and can be programmed to control a virtually unlimited number of axes while also monitoring all related I/O’s and the Emergency Stop System in real time. Raynok boasts data transfer rates of between 20 and 50 times per second. Fully customizable, the operator can choose to sort and display the information in a manner that best suits their needs and those of the performance.

From Concept to Performance

Whatever movements your creative mind can conceive, Raynok Software can bring to life in real time. From planning to rehearsal to live performance, Raynok saves you time whether you are on tour or on stage at your home venue.

Easy to Learn. Intuitive to Use.

In just a few hours, operators can be trained to: organize the work space and cueing environment; program simple and complex profiles; modify and organize the cue tree; build auto-follow cues with time or event triggers; create groups of linked axes; setup and modify controller parameters; and confidently execute cues safely. Safety checks on the communications network for data validity, automatic stop commands in the event of a fault within a linked group and Emergency Stop Reset speed restrictions are just a few of the many safety features Niscon Inc. programmers have incorporated into Raynok.

Precision Control at your Fingertips

Accuracy and reliability round out the features of Raynok with repeatable target precision of less than one sixteenth of an inch. Installation of the backup computer increases confidence and dependability by insuring that in the event of a computer failure, the performance will not be halted or unnecessarily delayed. The live backup continually tracks the progress of the main computer and is always “standing by” to pick up the show from the very point where the backup was required to take over.


  • Scalable and fully customizable interface
  • Fully redundant backup option available
  • Multi-level graphic monitoring of Emergency Stop System
  • Multi user and event logging support
  • I/O status monitoring and reporting
  • System reports and Cue sheets export
  • Number of shows, cues and profiles virtually unlimited
  • Custom programming available

Our 3D Flying Module completes the Raynok Software picture giving you unprecedented potential to expand your creative capabilities.