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Got a question about our scenic automation products? Odds are its answered here. If not, contact us.
What is scenic automation?

Scenic Automation, sometimes referred to as Stage Automation or Show Control is when an effect is controlled remotely with some form of actuation, such as a motor, linear actuator, or solenoid. Scenic Automation can be controlled in multitude of ways. The simplest form of control would be a push button to make a device actuate while the most sophisticated would be through software. As technology has progressed and people become more and more comfortable with the technology the use of software controlled automation has drastically increased, thus allowing new technology to be implemented such as the ability to program 3D paths for a move or communication between each axis (motor) to detect for any problems.

To learn more about our scenic automation software and machines, click here.

Why is automating an effect better than using a human?

There are many advantages to automating an effect over using a human, one of the largest advantages is that the moves can happen “a vista”, thus hiding the technicians from your audience of creating a surprise to the audience and pump up the production value.

The best things about computers is that they are very good at doing the same thing over and over, so you can tell the computer to move your turntable from 12 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the clockwise position and take 42.7 seconds. Can a human execute that move every night? No, unless his name is Hal.

Another advantage to automating an effect such as a wagon, would be that you have the ability to move a unit weighing 1000’s of pounds effortlessly and usually quicker than if you were to push the unit with humans.

What is your tech support policy?

Can I use my own machines?

What’s wrong with our machines!? JK, of course you can use your own machines with our controllers. Give us a call to discuss the different options.

Will EZ-Hoist provide a scenic automation technician for my show?

We have some of the best legs in the industry, which is why we wear the kilts. If we sat at home and didn’t go out on the road we couldn’t show off our industry leading legs or kilts, now could we?

Honestly, we live and breathe scenic and live performance automation. eZ-Hoist is more than happy to send however many of our 30 automation technician out to your show to make sure your show goes without a hitch. Give us a call to discuss your needs and our secret calf raises.

What's with the kilts?

At ZFX we start each day off completely open and unrestrained. We are not bound by the limits of the norm, nor do we fear the what is outside of the box. By wearing a kilt, it is a symbol to think differently and challenge what is “normal”.

I have used other automation systems. Will I be able to use yours?

eZ-Hoists uses the Raynok control system, if you have a previous history with any automation systems you will feel right at home with the Raynok control system. In fact, you might even ask why you are just now using it. Kind of like the first time you used Amazon Prime.

Is EZ-Hoist hiring?

We are always looking for the next Elon Musk at eZ-Hoist. Drop us an email with your resume, at careers@ez-hoist.com.

Does eZ-Hoist offer rentals?

We have a massive rental inventory. We would love to supply the equipment to get your Les Mis turntable, lift for CATS, or flying car for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang up and moving. Give our scenic automation experts a call or shoot them an email to discuss your needs.

How can I get my hands on your amazing gear outside of the US?

We handle international orders all of the time and have eZ-Hoist partnerships throughout the world. Contact us today to so we can best assist you.

What did people do before scenic automation existed?

When we think about what people did before Scenic Automation or Show Control we are left with that same confusion as to what people did before the Delta Airlines App existed. People had to do it all the old fashion way and push things out on stage or use hand cranks. We like the world we live in now…

I am building my own machine. Do you guys sell the Winch Drum, Limit Switches, etc.?

One of the things we are proudest of is our winch drum fabrication and we would love to provide you with our awesome stage machine components and parts. The one stipulation is that you have to show us a picture of your machine when you are done (that’s not really true but we would love to see it). For stage machine and winch components check out the link below.

Do you offer on-site seminars?

Did you read the part, where we like to show off our legs? If so, you know we would love to come and do an on-site seminar for you and your team. If you didn’t read it then shame on you.

We would love to come do a training seminar for you and your team or students. We can discuss our machines and the Raynok control system or any other stage automation or nuclear physics topic.