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Need a unique automation solution? We’ve got you covered.

Truth be told, we got into the biz ‘cuz we love solving problems and building things. We not-so-secretly hope that you need a custom solution so we can fully utilize our complete fabrication and machine shop with two waterjet machines at the ready so we can cut on demand. Those American Craftsmen stamps we put on our creations are no B.S. either; everyone at eZ-Hoist is a true craftsman*!

Some examples of custom solutions we have provided

  • NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab – 3000 lb. capacity hoist
  • SEW Eurodrive trade show displays – concept, design, and fabrication since 2013
  • 2010 Olympics in Vancouver – five programmable zero fleet angle hoists for all flag raising ceremonies.  Concept, napkin sketch, design, fabrication, testing, and delivery all in just three short weeks!
  • Uniqlo flagship store, Hong Kong – 36-axes (or axises if you prefer)  of synchronized motion running 13 hours a day since 2013
  • Hangover 3 – two 40mph, zero fleet angle hoists with 1000′ capacity drums
  • Prestonwood Baptist Churches Christmas show– religiously since 2003

Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions.

* actually this is only partially true… we are craftswomen, too!

Stage Automation
Stage Automation Motor
Wire Rope Drum
Hoist Gears